HIGHLIGHTS What’s on Locaahands this month


Natural Wine is Coming to the Club

Natural wine is finally coming to the club, we bring you various type of natty from Bali’s own Lazarus pulp or French’s favourite Black Flag. Get to know more about Natural Wine and come by.


Breakfast at the Club 

Spot our latest addition to the menu : Mouth watering sandwiches that satisfy your cravings !

lets get a taste of lightly charred and crisp bread with a satisfying crunch in every bites.

Locaahands Dining Club
7am - Sold out  


Taste of Pletok in TUNJUNGAN

Introducing our meticulously crafted, Beer Pletok, a collaboration between Locaahands and birhagia. Made with the finest ingredients, come and experience the unique flavors and aromas that make it stand out


Cocktails for 2 

Step into the world of Pulp Fiction this Valentine's Day with our inspired cocktails of the iconic film, from the smooth and deadly "Vincent Vega" to the sweet and seductive "Mia Wallace"

Love Hangover Cocktails
at Locaāhands Dining Club and Tunjungan
11-18 Feb